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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where Can I Find Coupons?

A common question that I see new couponers have is where to find coupons. That's where I come in to help!

Sunday Newspaper
On Sundays you can find 1-4 coupon inserts (depending on the week) in your local Sunday newspaper.  The only time there is not inserts are on holiday weekends.  There are four types of coupon inserts you can find: Proctor & Gamble (P&G), SmartSource (SS), RedPlum (RP), and General Mills (GM).

A really great place to find coupons are the internet.  Generally they are higher value than the ones you find in your Sunday newspaper!  Three great sites for coupons are Red Plum, Smartsource, and

Product Facebook Pages
A lot of times you can find coupons on product Facebook pages.  When I find coupons on Facebook pages, I will definitely post it here on my site to let you know about it so you can snag it! 

Magazines have coupons a lot of the times.  A magazine that is guaranteed to have coupons in it is All You.  Check out All You's website to subscribe.

Store Circulars
Sometimes the circulars you get for your stores have coupons, whether they be store coupons or manufacturer coupons.  Depending on the store, you can sometimes "stack" a manufacturer and a store coupon together to get an even better savings (please check your store's coupon policy to see what they say about doing this)!

On/Inside Products
Sometimes you can luck out and find coupons inside products! 

Blinking Machines/Tear Pads
These coupons are found near the products in the aisle.

These are found on the product they correspond with.  Just make sure that you take the coupon off and hand it to your cashier when checking out if you plan on using it that shopping trip because your cashier will not know about it!

Catalina (CAT)
These are coupons that are printed out at the cash register when you are finished checking out (a lot of people just leave them laying at the register, which is most common at self-checkouts).   They can be for a certain amount of a certain product or they can be for an amount off your next order!

In-Store Coupon Kiosk
Sometimes store shave a kiosk where you can scan your shopper's card and print out coupons for the store.  This is most commonly found at CVS stores.


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